Research Presented at Midwest Machine Learning Symposium

MIMRTL research was presented at the 2023 Midwest Machine Learning Symposium ( Contributions included poster presentations on CT synthesis from MR images (On The Effect of Training Database Size For MR-based Synthetic CT Generation In The Head by S. Iman Zare Estakhraji; Weijie Chen; Ali Pirasteh; Tyler Bradshaw; Alan McMillan) and convex optimization strategies to improve robustness(Label Noise Robustness of Input-Output Convex Neural Networks in Chest X-Ray Imaging by Tanmayee Joshi, Weijie Chen, Jinnian Zhang, Sabeeka Khan, Meltem Uyanik, Po-Ling Loh, Varun Jog, Richard Bruce, John Garrett, Alan McMillan). These posters were presented by MIMRTL team member Weijie Chen.