Professor McMillan Participates in Cancer Moonshot Webinar

The Cancer Moonshot initiative, supported by the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act, known as the “Cancer Moonshot bill,” was enacted in December 2016. It was reinvigorated by President Biden in February 2022 and continues its mission to drastically reduce cancer fatalities by 50% over the next 25 years.

In line with this initiative, the Library of Congress has been hosting a series of annual Cancer Moonshot panel webinars. These discussions, involving experts from various fields, explore different aspects of cancer research, treatment, and policy development. The series, a blend of scientific insight and policy discussion, aims to foster understanding and progress in the battle against cancer.

On December 5th, part of this webinar series, focused on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in cancer diagnostics and treatment. This session, organized by the Library’s Health Services Division (HSD) and Science Section in consultation with Dr. Tomoko Y. Steen, a Library alumnus and a Professor at Georgetown University, brought together leading scientists and policymakers who are at the forefront of using AI in cancer screening, immunotherapy, imaging, and the ethics of AI application in healthcare.

Speakers included Catharine Young, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Cancer Moonshot Policy, who gave an overview of the Moonshot initiative. Dr. Brian Betts from the University at Buffalo offered insights into the current state and future potential of AI in cancer treatment. Dr. Alan B. McMillan, from MIMRTL and the University of Wisconsin, gave an overview of the current status and outlook on AI applied to cancer imaging. Dr. Laura Rozek from Georgetown University Medical Center, provided perspectives on how AI can transform cancer diagnostics and treatment strategies.

The 12/5 event was open to the public, and underscores the commitment of the Cancer Moonshot initiative to leverage AI for meaningful advancements in cancer care. This webinar highlighted the technological progress in the fight against cancer but also emphasizes the power of collaborative, interdisciplinary efforts in overcoming one of the most challenging health issues of our time.

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